Maryrose Estepa

I still remember my first SFC Conference. I was still active in Youth for Christ but there was a part of me that was searching for more. I vividly remember sitting in the crowd, listening to one of the most personal sharings I’ve heard after 11 years in the community. It was the first moment[…]

Heherson Alarde

I have always looked forward to attending our Singles For Christ National Conferences. For me, it’s a God-given opportunity to have a weekend with Him – to spend time with Him through the Sacraments, to pray to Him in praise and worship, to hear and learn from the great talks, to actively participate in the[…]

Donna Labajo

Travelling to another country to attend a conference is never easy. There are so many troubles and difficulties that come our way when preparing to go to a conference. But I am so thankful that I was still able to go and experience the 2015 RECON and was able to encounter Christ. I was able[…]