Donna Labajo

Travelling to another country to attend a conference is never easy. There are so many troubles and difficulties that come our way when preparing to go to a conference. But I am so thankful that I was still able to go and experience the 2015 RECON and was able to encounter Christ. I was able to learn a lot in terms of changing my perspective and actions towards my family and realised how important they are to me. Also this being my last conference that I was able to attend with my sister meant a lot to me. Especially as we were sharing up on stage about our service together in the community as sisters. This conference was also my first conference as an SFC member. I was really happy to bond with my fellow chapter members as well as being able to meet new people and share experiences with them. Attending a conference is always life changing for me, it allows me to be reminded of lessons that I have forgotten and also it makes me know myself better.

Donna Labajo – SFC Christchurch, New Zealand

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