Maryrose Estepa

I still remember my first SFC Conference. I was still active in Youth for Christ but there was a part of me that was searching for more. I vividly remember sitting in the crowd, listening to one of the most personal sharings I’ve heard after 11 years in the community. It was the first moment in SFC when I’ve felt like I belonged. I’ve been to every Regional or Oceania Conference ever since. And from each one, I always learn something new about myself and my faith.

But there’s one particular SFC Conference that became a massive turning point in my life, which was the Brisbane SFC Conference in 2014. And what’s funny is that I came into that conference feeling obligated, not wanting to be there at all. But on the first night of the conference, I was shaken awake by 5 beautiful, brave sharers who became a witness in bearing and loving their cross, which in turn, helped me learn how to love my own. I left that conference with my life changed forever.

There’s something about conferences. It opens up an avenue for active members to step up in their service and for non active members to renew their faith. I believe that that presence is God Himself, inviting us to a personal relationship with Him. I encourage you to answer His call.

Maryrose Estepa – SFC New South Wales, Australia

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